Searching for an expert Instagram Reel video editor to enhance your audience engagement? Look no further, you’ve discovered the right gig!

Hello, I’m Elif, a top-rated and verified professional content creator and video editor with over six years of experience in Social Media Marketing.

Here’s how I operate:

You provide me with any long-form content. I then extract vital points, transforming them into concise, impactful 30-60 second content pieces.

This gig is perfectly suited for:

Content Creators

Coaches and Trainers

Business Owners

Brands and Businesses

I work with a diverse range of content including:

YouTube Videos

Zoom Meetings

Professional Brand Shoots


And any other long-form videos

These videos are transformed into:

Bite-sized 30 to 60-second Instagram Reels or TikToks with captivating subtitles.

Additionally, I specialize in editing specifically for:

Instagram Reels

TikTok videos

YouTube Shorts

Let’s have a conversation about your unique needs. I’m eager to help and enhance your content requirements.


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