$78 Millionen verfügbar in Zuschüssen für kleine Unternehmen in ganz Amerika

$78 Millionen verfügbar in Zuschüssen für kleine Unternehmen in ganz Amerika

$78 Millionen verfügbar in Zuschüssen für kleine Unternehmen in ganz Amerika 150 150

The effects of the pandemic have been especially prominent for minority-owned businesses, and for those in certain industries like entertainment and recreation. This week, Massachusetts launched Förderprogramme to address both of those areas. And communities and organizations throughout the country are also offering funds for pandemic recovery and other goals. Read a full list of current opportunities below.

Massachusetts Inclusive Recovery Grant Program

Massachusetts recently unveiled two new grant opportunities to support small businesses. The $75 million Inclusive Recovery Grant Program is open to businesses owned by people of color, women, veterans, immigrants, individuals with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Eligible businesses can apply for grants of up to $75,000. The $3 million Independent Movie Theater Grant Program supports movie theaters throughout the state, providing up to $15,000 for each new screen added to their locations. Applications are now being accepted for both programs through April 28.

Colorado Marshall Fire Grants

Colorado small businesses that were affected by the recent Marshall Fire and wind event may be eligible for small business grants to aid in recovery efforts. The Colorado Enterprise Fund is facilitating the $1 million program, with funding from Boulder County and the state of Colorado. Eligible businesses can apply online for grants of up to $20,000. April 28 is the final deadline to apply, and recipients will be announced in May.

Pierce County Small Business Innovation Matching Grant Program

Pierce County, Washington recently passed an ordinance to modify its Pierce County Small Business Innovation Matching Grant Program. The program originally launched using federal funds from the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act and continued thanks to additional funding from the American Rescue Plan Act. Now that pandemic rules and economic conditions have changed, the county is also altering the grant program, but aims to keep it going. Eligible businesses will now be able to apply for up to $20,000 and will be required to provide matching funds.

FHLBank Elevate Small Business Grant

FHLBank in Indianapolis runs an ongoing grant program to support its small business partners throughout Indiana and Michigan. The Elevate Grant offers up to $20,000, which can be used for capital expenditures or workforce training. To qualify, small businesses must partner with a member institution of FHLBank Indianapolis. These partner institutions are located throughout the region and can help small businesses submit and review their applications before submitting them to FHLBank Indianapolis.

Virginia Community Climate Collaborative Grants

The Community Climate Collaborative (C3) bietet grants to minority-owned small businesses in Virginia. The organization recently completed its third round of funding, which was the largest since launching the program in 2019. This round featured $20,000 in total funds, with each eligible business receiving up to $2,500 to support clean energy upgrades. For example, many businesses used the grants to upgrade inefficient lightbulbs to LEDs or to invest in energy efficient appliances.

Stamford Pandemic Recovery Grants

Stamford, Connecticut is Angebot pandemic recovery grants of up to $10,000 to eligible small businesses. To qualify, businesses must have less than 60 employees, have been in business since at least January 1, 2019, be able to prove negative impacts from the pandemic, and have exhausted all funds from any previous COVID-19 assistance programs. The program is open to all eligible businesses in the city, but a third of funds will be earmarked for companies owned and operated by women, minorities, people with disabilities, and veterans. Businesses have until April 28 to apply.

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