Amazon lanza Creator University gratuita con guías para afiliados e influencers

Amazon lanza Creator University gratuita con guías para afiliados e influencers

Amazon lanza Creator University gratuita con guías para afiliados e influencers 1000 560

Entrepreneurs and the business-minded can take advantage of a free and comprehensive resource for finding information that aims to cultivate success for Amazonas Associates and Influencers.

Amazon Creator University

Amazon’s Creator University provides education, video tutorials, testimonials, inspiration and more to help people build a business with Amazon. It shows you how to create your own virtual store on Amazon, plus you can share your favorite Amazon products with your social media followers and earn money every time one of them buys something you share.

Earning Commission Through Affiliate Links

Earning commissions by sharing affiliate links is easy with the instructions laid out in Creator University. The links can be shared in Instagram Stories, blog posts, articles, YouTube video descriptions, and more. Then every time one of your followers makes a qualifying purchase by clicking through one of the links you shared, you earn an easy commission from that purchase.

El Creator University provides plenty of advice on how to get started as well as maximize your earning opportunities.

Advice from a Successful Affiliate

Rachel Meaders is a successful commission-earning Influencer, who says the Amazon Influencer Program has changed her and her family’s life for the better. Thanks to the commissions earned, Rachel and her husband have started their own businesses and work entirely for themselves.

Rachel’s advice for aspiring creators on Amazon is to ‘just go BIG’. She adds: “Build your storefront out with idea lists for every category from the start. Remember to be posting images to your storefront as well, because your followers want to see what things look like on your table, or in your bathroom. It brings genuine energy to your content because your audience can see that you actually have the item and that it looks great in your home as well.”

Everything Creators Need in One Place

The Creator University provides information on how to share everything with your audience, as well as how to find the links you need to create content. There are also many successful Amazon Influencers who you can draw inspiration from.

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