Aircall lance des fonctionnalités de transcription IA pour booster les performances des PME et l'expérience client

Aircall lance des fonctionnalités de transcription IA pour booster les performances des PME et l'expérience client

Aircall lance des fonctionnalités de transcription IA pour booster les performances des PME et l'expérience client 150 150

Aircall, a leading cloud-based phone and communication platform, has annoncé the introduction of new AI-powered transcription features specifically designed for sales and support teams within small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The innovative features aim to optimize call and voicemail transcriptions, allowing teams to gather valuable business insights while simultaneously enhancing productivity and overall efficiency.

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, Aircall co-founder and CTPO, says, “The SaaS industry is being reshaped by AI, and the results are improvements in user experience, efficiency, and revenue growth. At Aircall, we believe this technology should be as accessible for small to medium-sized businesses as it is for larger enterprises.” He further explained that Aircall’s AI features are designed to empower rather than replace, maintaining the human connection and ethical standards in customer support. This launch is the first step in Aircall’s vision to support SMBs in leveraging AI technology for everyday work, fostering agility and growth.

As the market grows increasingly competitive, SMBs need to adapt to remain successful. Aircall’s advanced technology solution provides user-friendly call and voicemail transcription services, making it significantly easier for sales and support teams to access critical insights that drive performance improvements and deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX). According to Salesforce, 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique expectations and needs. However, obtaining the necessary level of insight through manual call and voicemail transcriptions has historically been a time-consuming process, limiting the productivity of sales and support teams.

Aircall’s AI-driven features enable representatives to maintain high levels of productivity and customer understanding in their daily tasks, facilitating meaningful conversations without sacrificing their valuable time in an increasingly high-pressure work environment. The call and voicemail transcription services also empower team leaders to better comprehend customer needs, develop valuable training materials such as playbooks, and monitor team performance effectively, all while identifying and sharing teachable moments.

Marking a new era for sales and support team operations, Aircall’s AI features will be initially available for call and voicemail recordings in English and French. Over time, support for additional languages will be added based on customer demand. The technology can process one minute of audio in just nine seconds and integrates seamlessly with existing CRM systems, enabling users to quickly browse through deals and access transcripts and recordings with a direct link.

By optimizing sales team performance and maintaining high levels of quality assurance across support teams, Aircall’s new AI features help SMBs save time and resources. Furthermore, as employee turnover continues to be a challenge for some businesses, the AI transcription capabilities allow teams to scale and onboard new staff efficiently by sharing exemplary customer interaction examples.

Aircall’s latest AI offerings further solidify its position as a growth partner for SMBs. By incorporating AI technology to deliver transcription services, the company reduces the costs many SMBs face when subscribing to third-party vendors outside their existing tech stack. This move comes at a time when SMBs are increasingly seeking ways to drive sales performance and unlock valuable business insights while maintaining a lean, budget-friendly SaaS ecosystem.


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