ID Scanner: Choices for Your Business

ID Scanner: Choices for Your Business

ID Scanner: Choices for Your Business 150 150

An ID scanner not only bolsters security but also facilitates smoother operations. Whether for age verification at a bar or access control in a corporate building, their significance cannot be overlooked. By understanding their functionality and evolution, businesses can make informed decisions when integrating them.

The role of ID scanners in today’s business world

ID scanners have transformed how businesses operate, providing an added layer of security. From age verification in liquor stores to guest check-ins at hotels, their applications are diverse. This technological tool aids businesses in preventing fraud and ensuring only authorized access. By quickly scanning a government-issued ID, businesses can validate the authenticity of an individual’s claims. As businesses strive to uphold their integrity, the role of ID scanners has become even more pronounced.

The basic functionality and mechanics of ID scanners

At its core, an ID scanner captures data from various IDs, from driver’s licenses to passports. Using advanced technology, these scanners can quickly extract information from the machine-readable zone or barcode. Some sophisticated scanners can even detect advanced security features like UV light markings. Once scanned, the data is either stored or cross-referenced with other databases for verification. Recognizing these functions empowers businesses to utilize ID scanners effectively.

Evolution of ID scanning technology

The journey of ID scanning technology is both fascinating and revolutionary. Earlier models were bulky, less accurate, and limited in their scanning abilities. With technological advancements, today’s ID scanners are compact, efficient, and equipped with features to catch even the most advanced fake IDs. Their capability to detect intricate security details like fluorescent overlays on IDs has made them invaluable. As businesses continue to grow and evolve, so does the technology that supports their security needs.

Types of ID Scanners

When considering an ID scanner for your business, understanding the various types available is pivotal. Each type offers unique capabilities tailored for specific needs. Whether scanning barcodes, reading magnetic stripes, or identifying RFID tags, selecting the right scanner ensures optimal performance.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners are among the most common ID scanner types. By reading the barcode on an ID, such as a driver’s license, they extract data for verification. Barcode scanners are versatile, allowing businesses from liquor stores to corporate offices to quickly validate IDs. Their user-friendly nature and efficiency have made them a top choice for many establishments. It’s worth noting that while they’re prevalent, they can sometimes be fooled by counterfeit IDs with replicated barcodes.

Magnetic stripe scanners

Magnetic stripe scanners, often found in card payment machines, read the magnetic strip on the back of cards. By swiping the ID through the scanner, all the information stored in the stripe is accessed. This technology is prevalent in credit card verification but is also used in some driver’s licenses. Although reliable, they can be susceptible to skimming devices if not protected. With security in mind, it’s vital to ensure these scanners are always updated and shielded from potential threats.

Smart card and RFID scanners

Smart card and RFID scanners represent the future of ID scanning. Using radio frequency identification, these scanners can read IDs without direct contact. From access control doors in high-security areas to tap-and-go payments, their applications are expanding. They offer an added layer of security, making it more challenging for fakes to pass. As businesses look for contactless solutions, RFID scanners are becoming increasingly relevant.

ID Scanners for Your Bars, Clubs and More

When we at Small Business Trends curated our list of recommended ID scanners, our focus is on ensuring that these tools not only meet your immediate needs but also align with the broader goals of efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness. Here’s how we break down the criteria for choosing the right ID scanner for your business:

Accuracy and Reliability (9/10):

Essential for preventing fraud and ensuring only legitimate transactions.
We prioritize scanners that consistently read various ID formats accurately.

Ease of Use (8/10):

An intuitive interface saves time and reduces training requirements.
We look for scanners that can be easily integrated into your existing systems.

Speed of Operation (7/10):

Time is money; a fast scanner keeps customer interactions smooth.
Our selections are among the quickest in the market.

Compatibility with Different IDs (8/10):

Ability to read a wide range of ID types, catering to a diverse customer base.
We favor scanners that are versatile in handling various regional and international IDs.

Cost (6/10):

While important, we believe in investing in quality for long-term savings.
We balance affordability with quality and long-term durability.

Size and Portability (5/10):

Ideal for businesses with limited space or those requiring mobility.
Our choices include compact and portable options without compromising on functionality.

Customer Support and Warranty (7/10):

Reliable support and warranty ensure your investment is protected.
We recommend products backed by robust customer service and favorable warranty terms.

Data Security Features (9/10):

Paramount for protecting sensitive customer information.
We emphasize scanners with strong data encryption and privacy safeguards.

These criteria, rigorously applied, have guided us in selecting the ID scanners we recommend. We understand that every small business is unique, and our scale helps you prioritize based on your specific needs and context.

ID Scanner – Age Verification ID Scanner


Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Works seamlessly with Laptops, Desktops, and Tablets.
Power Source: Powered by Corded Electric and a USB Cable.
Connectivity: Equipped with USB Cable technology for a quick and easy connection.
Product Dimensions: Compact and portable with dimensions 4″D x 3″W x 6″H.
Tamper Alerts: Instantly identifies IDs that are tampered with, banned, shared, or on a watchlist. Optionally captures and stores patron images for added security.
Versatile Validation: Validates driver’s licenses and IDs from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries in a fraction of a second.

IDetect ID Scanner – Age Verification ID Scanner

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AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

Key Features:

Scanner Type: ID Card
Connectivity Technology: USB
Standard Sheet Capacity: 1
Minimum System Requirements: Windows 7
Product Dimensions: 7.3″D x 7.1″W x 4.8″H

About this item:

Quick Scanning: Completes the scanning process in approximately 1 second.
Intuitive Display: Features a large 7″ capacitive touch screen, offering a clear and superior display compared to 2.5” LCDs.
Versatile Alerts: Provides both talking and audible warnings for situations like under-aged individuals, expired IDs, or special occasions like birthdays.
Broad Compatibility: Capable of reading Driver’s Licenses from all 50 U.S. states, every Canadian province, and Military IDs.
Cost-Effective: Offers a competitive price-performance ratio in the market, challenging you to find a better deal.

AgeVisor Touch ID Scanner

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Portable Smart ID Scanner With Handle Trigger

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop
Power Source: Battery Powered
Item Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 6 inches
Maximum Storage Temperature: 100 Degrees Fahrenheit
Innovative Technology: First to implement the age verification protocol from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).
Versatile Use: Ideal for restaurant servers, bars, stores, curbside pickups, and delivery drivers.

About this item:

Overview: Minor Decliner’s age verification system is committed to eliminating underage sales of restricted products.
Easy to Use: Its portability allows it to be brought directly to the customer, whether at a table, home, or curbside pickup.
Product Specifications: Scans driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs across all 50 states, Canada, and parts of Mexico. Manual entry is available for worn-out IDs.
Capabilities: Efficiently scans 2D Barcodes, providing instant feedback on expired or underage IDs. The device operates for 8-10 hours and integrates with the Minor Decliner Patent Software for updates.
About Us: As a dedicated US-based company, Minor Decliner prioritizes compliance with selling regulations and aims to prevent sales to minors using their advanced verification systems.

Portable Smart ID Scanner

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IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Can be connected to Laptop, Desktop, and Smartphone.
Power Source: It’s battery-powered, ensuring it’s always ready for use.
Brand: Trust the reliability and innovation of TokenWorks.
Connectivity Technology: Uses a USB Cable for seamless connections.
Number of Batteries: Comes with 1 Lithium Ion battery, which is included. A spare battery is also provided.
Product Overview: The IDVisor Smart Plus can swiftly read passports and driver’s licenses/IDs from all 50 states and Canadian provinces. With a quick operation time of 1 second per scan, it also boasts of a 12+ hour battery operation and 350+ standby time. What’s more? The device comes with LIFETIME SOFTWARE UPDATES and has dedicated US-based support.
Usability: It automatically calculates age and provides intuitive icons, vibration, and human voice warnings. There are notifications for underage and expired IDs along with pop-up alerts for various warnings.

IDVisor Smart Plus ID Scanner

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IDWare All-in-One 8″ Android ID and Passport Scanner

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Tablet
Power Source: DC
Brand: IDWare
Connectivity Technology: BT/WIFI/2G/3G/4G LTE
Item Dimensions: 9 x 6.25 x 0.75 inches
Validation Capability: Validates North American Driver’s Licenses and other Government-Issued IDs with a 2D Barcode as well as Passports containing an MRZ.
Additional Features: Standalone mobile solution with secure cloud storage, includes desktop stand, captures data in 1 second, creates and updates records for guests, sends alerts for certain guests, classifies guests including frequent ones, VIPs, and banned individuals, and includes 1 year of Veriscan Online Premium software.

IDWare All-in-One 8″ Android ID and Passport Scanner

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Smart ID Scanner

Key Features:

Power Source: Corded Electric
Brand: MinorDecliner
Connectivity Technology: USB Cable
Item Dimensions: 5 x 6 x 8 inches
Maximum Storage Temperature: 100 Degrees Fahrenheit
Advanced Verification: Uses 2D Barcodes for instant “Sale or No Sale” results, recognizing expired and underage IDs.
Software Included: Comes with Minor Decliner Patent Software for easy PC updates.

Smart ID Scanner

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IDetect Quantum Edge Age Verification ID Scanner

Key Features:

Media Type: ID Card
Scanner Type: Passport
Brand: IDetect
Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
Resolution: 600 dpi
Minimum System Requirements: Windows 7 and above
Environment Resistance: Water and dust-sealed for protection against the elements and accidental spills.

IDetect Quantum Edge Age Verification ID Scanner

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IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Works seamlessly with Laptops, Desktops, and Smartphones.
Power Source: Powered by a robust Lithium Polymer battery.
Brand: TokenWorks – a trusted name in the industry.
Connectivity: Offers versatile connections via Wi-Fi, 4G, and USB.
Battery Info: Comes with 1 Lithium Polymer battery, ensuring prolonged usage.
Fast Scanning: Reads passports & IDs from all 50 states and Canadian provinces in just 1 second.
Feature-Rich: Calculates age automatically, offers intuitive icons, and provides many alerts and notifications.

IDVisor Smart V2 ID Scanner

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Portable Smart ID Scanner

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Seamlessly integrates with both Laptops and Desktops.
Power Source: Corded Electric ensures consistent operation without interruptions.
Brand: MinorDecliner – a trusted name in age verification technology.
Connectivity: Uses a USB Cable for easy connection and rapid data transfer.
Dimensions: Compact design measuring 3 x 1 x 6 inches, making it portable and user-friendly.
Advanced Scanning: Specialized in reading 2D Barcodes, it provides instant “Sale or No Sale” results, identifying fake, expired, and underage IDs.
User Experience: Simple to use and versatile, ideal for various settings like bars, restaurants, stores, and even for deliveries to ensure age compliance.

Portable Smart ID Scanner

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E-seek M-260 ID Card Reader 

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Laptop, Desktop
Power Source: Corded Electric, USB Cable
Connectivity Technology: RS232, USB Cable
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.33 x 2.28 x 2.13 inches
Versatility: Reads magnetic stripe and 2D barcodes from government-issued IDs.
Unique Design: Incorporates both side and bottom-mounted interface connectors, ideal for kiosk application environments.

E-seek M-260 ID Card Reader

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IDVisor ID Scanner Dual Handheld Stand Bundle

Key Features:

Compatible Devices: Perfectly syncs with Laptops, Desktops, and Smartphones.
Brand: TokenWorks – the industry-leading name in ID scanning.
Battery Info: Comes equipped with 1 Lithium Polymer battery for prolonged usage.
Dual Functionality: Can be used as a handheld scanner or set on the countertop, adapting to your business needs.
Advanced Scanning: Efficiently reads 2D Bar Codes from licenses across all 50 US states, all Canadian provinces, and Military CAC IDs.
Rugged Design: Features a ruggedized design encapsulated in a protective polycarbonate case, ensuring durability and protection against drops.
Customizability: Offers several hand strap options to fit various usage scenarios.

IDVisor ID Scanner Dual Handheld Stand Bundle

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The Importance of ID Verification

ID verification has become important as businesses aim to protect themselves from fraud. A valid ID can be the first line of defense against unauthorized access or illegal transactions. Implementing a robust ID verification system underscores a business’s commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

Enhancing security measures

Incorporating ID scanners in your business model amplifies your security protocols. By validating the authenticity of an ID, you prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access or making illicit transactions. Ensuring customers are of legal age for businesses like liquor stores can save them from potential legal troubles. ID scanners provide businesses an extra layer of protection, deterring potential malfeasants.

Streamlining business operations

Beyond security, ID scanners enhance operational efficiency. Quickly verifying an individual’s identity reduces wait times, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Whether at a hotel front desk or at a concert venue’s entrance, rapid ID checks ensure smoother processes. With a reliable ID scanner in place, businesses can focus on delivering quality service, knowing their verification needs are addressed.

Legal compliance and fraud prevention

For many businesses, legal compliance isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. Ensuring that customers meet age requirements before they purchase alcohol or enter age-restricted venues is a legal mandate. ID scanners automate this process, reducing human errors and potential legal ramifications. By actively preventing potential fraud, businesses protect their reputation and ensure they stay on the right side of the law.

Fake IDs and Modern Challenges

The existence of counterfeit IDs poses challenges to businesses. As fake ID technology advances, so must the methods to detect them. Modern ID scanners are equipped to handle most fake IDs, but being vigilant is always necessary.

Recognizing the sophistication of fake IDs

Fake IDs have evolved from poorly replicated cards to sophisticated counterfeits. Some fakes now possess features like holograms, magnetic strips, and even scannable barcodes. Understanding this progression aids businesses in staying one step ahead. Equipping themselves with advanced ID scanners can deter even the most convincing fakes, safeguarding the business from potential risks.

Technology’s role in catching fakes

Modern ID scanners integrate cutting-edge tech to counteract counterfeit IDs. Features such as UV light detection and pattern-matching algorithms can quickly discern genuine IDs from fakes. As fake IDs work hard to replicate security features, businesses should ensure their scanners are updated regularly. Being proactive in using the latest technology ensures a higher rate of fake ID detection.

Staying updated on counterfeit trends

To combat fake IDs effectively, businesses need to stay informed about the latest counterfeiting techniques. Engaging in training sessions, attending seminars, or joining business security forums can provide invaluable insights. Knowledge is power, and staying updated helps businesses adapt their verification methods in tandem with the evolving counterfeit landscape.

Training Staff on Effective ID Scanning

Having an advanced ID scanner is beneficial, but its effectiveness hinges on the users. Training staff on its proper usage, understanding potential pitfalls, and teaching them to spot fakes manually can amplify its benefits.

Importance of thorough training sessions

A well-trained staff can maximize the potential of an ID scanner. By understanding its features and capabilities, they can use it more effectively. Regular training sessions and updates on counterfeit trends can empower staff to make accurate judgments.

Combining tech with human judgment

While ID scanners are advanced, human judgment remains invaluable. Staff should be trained to spot potential red flags like a photo not matching the ID holder or an ID feeling unusually thick or thin. Combining technology with a keen human eye creates a robust verification system.

Regular refresher courses

As technology and counterfeiting techniques evolve, so should staff training. Regular refresher courses keep the staff updated on the latest in ID scanning tech and potential challenges. These courses can reiterate the importance of vigilance and detail the latest features available for effective ID verification.

Benefits Beyond Security with ID Scanners

While security is a primary benefit of ID scanners, they offer advantages beyond verification. From enhancing customer experience to streamlining operations, the potential benefits are manifold.

Speeding up transactions and checks

One of the significant advantages of ID scanners is the speed of verification. Whether checking in guests at a hotel or verifying age at a liquor store, rapid checks improve customer satisfaction. Quick, efficient transactions can translate to positive customer reviews and repeat business.

Data collection and analytics

Modern ID scanners can store and analyze data. For businesses, this offers insights into customer demographics, peak transaction times, and more. This data can be invaluable for marketing campaigns, inventory planning, or even staffing decisions.

Enhancing the professional image

Having an advanced ID scanner can project a professional image. Customers perceive businesses using the latest tech as more credible and trustworthy. An ID scanner, besides its functional benefits, can elevate a business’s reputation and instill confidence in clients.

Optimal Environments for ID Scanners

Every business has unique needs and environments. Adapting the ID scanner to the specific business setting conditions and requirements ensures optimal performance and durability.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Settings

ID scanners designed for indoor settings might not fare well outdoors. Factors like moisture, temperature fluctuations, and dust can impact performance. Investing in rugged or weatherproof ID scanners can be prudent for businesses operating primarily outdoors. Indoor venues might prioritize sleek design and integration with existing systems.

High Traffic vs. Low Traffic Areas

The volume of scans can vary widely between a busy nightclub and a boutique hotel. High-traffic businesses require scanners that can handle frequent use without lag or malfunction. In contrast, lower-traffic establishments might focus on features like data storage or integration capabilities.

Adapting to Different Business Models

Each business model has unique demands, from retail stores to exclusive membership clubs. Retailers might prioritize quick age verification for alcohol sales, while membership clubs might emphasize data storage for repeat customers. Recognizing the business’s core needs can guide the choice of the most suitable ID scanner.


What is an ID scanner primarily used for?

An ID scanner is a device that reads the data from a person’s ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. Businesses use them to verify age, prevent fraud, and streamline customer check-ins.

How do ID scanners verify the authenticity of an ID?

ID scanners check various security features on an ID, from UV features and magnetic strips to holographic overlays and encoded data. Any discrepancies can flag a fake ID.

Can ID scanners detect all fake IDs?

While modern ID scanners are adept at catching most fake IDs, especially those with advanced fake ID detection, no system is 100% foolproof. The quality of the counterfeit and the scanner’s technology both play roles.

How does an ID scanner differ from a barcode scanner?

While both can scan barcodes, an ID scanner is specifically designed to read, verify, and store data from IDs. It checks for security features, whereas a barcode scanner just reads data.

Is it legal to store information from a scanned ID?

Laws vary by country and region. Generally, businesses can store the information as long as they adhere to data protection regulations and inform the ID holder.

What should a business consider when choosing an ID scanner?

Businesses should consider their specific needs, the scanner’s features, and its compatibility with their operations. Factors like scan speed, data storage, and fake ID detection capabilities might be relevant.

Are there any maintenance requirements for ID scanners?

Like any electronic device, ID scanners may require occasional maintenance. This can range from software updates to hardware cleaning or part replacement, depending on the model and usage.


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