12 copertine fax stampabili

12 copertine fax stampabili

12 copertine fax stampabili 1000 560

Even though digitalization has completely transformed the way we communicate today, the good old fax machine continues to remain an important tool for businesses. Most businesses use the fax machine to send confidential documents to customers, partners and distributors. Before sending an important fax, though, you must consider including a fax cover sheet.

Do You Need a Cover Sheet to Send a Fax?

Just as you would write a few words in the email body when you send an attachment, you must include a business fax cover sheet to provide some context. The whole point is to make sure your fax reaches the right person and lets them know the purpose of your communication. It also helps them contact you for more information if needed.

Benefits of Using a Printable Cover Sheet for Fax

A fax cover sheet may not be high on the priority list when you’re sending a fax. But there are several benefits of using a printable cover sheet for fax. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits:

Ensure your fax reaches the intended recipient: From a strictly practical point of view, a cover sheet can make sure your fax reaches the right person. This is especially important because, in most organizations, multiple employees use the same fax machine.
Protect your document: In case of confidential documents, you would want to protect the information from reaching unintended recipients. A fax cover sheet can help you achieve this goal.
Follow corporate etiquette: In a corporate environment, you’re expected to follow certain protocols. This is important for several reasons, mainly because you wouldn’t want to create the wrong impression.
Make communication easier: Another benefit of using a cover sheet is to make communication with the recipient easier. Since the fax cover sheet includes all necessary information, it facilitates easier communication in case the recipient has questions.
Save time: Overall, a fax cover sheet helps everyone save time. As the necessary information is clearly and succinctly added to the blank fax cover sheet, it prevents miscommunication.

15 Incredible Printable Fax Cover Sheet Template Options

If you’re looking to start using a printable fax cover page, you can save a lot of time by simply choosing a good template. Luckily, there are several options to choose from that can make the job easier for you. Let’s take a look at some of the templates.

1. MS Word Professional Fax Cover Sheet Template

Questo MS word template can be used as many times as you like once downloaded. The best thing about it is customization as it lets you add your company’s logo.

2. Fax Cover Sheet Printable Form

The good thing about this template is its simplicity. It provides enough space to include necessary information. On the flip side, though, it’s not fully editable and there are just two editable fields on offer.

3. Fax Cover Sheet Template

A minimalist fax cover sheet template, this one is designed to help you include all the necessary information for your recipient. It comes with one editable PDF and an MS word document.

4. Professional Fax Cover Sheet

If you are looking for a professional fax cover sheet template, you might want to consider this one. It comes with an editable MS word document in a normal page size.

5. Large Business Fax Cover Sheet

This is a completely editable fax cover sheet template. You can add your business information and start using it right away.

6. Fax Cover Sheet Template Form Small Business Office Supplies

A straightforward template that does the job in minutes. By choosing it, you will receive a PDF file and a DOCX file.

7. Fax Cover Sheet

Questo cover sheet is designed especially for clinicians. It’s customizable to let clinicians add their logos and business information. It also comes with a privacy notice.

8. Private Practice Management Fax Cover Sheet

Another specially designed cover sheet, this template is useful for psychotherapists. Designed by a licensed psychotherapist, it provides an editable word document that can be customized easily.

More Awesome Fax Cover Sheet Printable Downloads

As you can tell, there’s no shortage of good options when you start looking for the right fax cover letter. Let’s look at some more options for you to consider.

9. Fax Cover Sheet Template

This simple template is perfect if you are looking for a straightforward option. Its one-page, minimalist design is both simple and professional. It comes with an editable and printable MS word template.

10. Fax It

This is another simple 8×10 fax cover sheet. It comes with an editable PDF document.

11. Basic Fax Form

This one doesn’t provide much excitement as far as design is concerned. But if you’re looking for a straightforward template, you may want to consider it.

12. Fax Cover Sheet Template

To start using this template, you are going to need MS word. You can print it as a PDF or MS word document.

What Is Included on a Proper Fax Cover Sheet for Business?

On any standard fax cover sheet for business you should include the following information:

Contact information: Your name, address, email and phone number
Recipient’s name: Person(s) expected to receive the fax
Date and number of pages of the attached documents
Confidentiality statement: Important when you are sending confidential information
Fax content: List of things included in the fax
Fax number
Fax purpose: Reason for sending the fax
Short note on other relevant information. This may include the following: For review, Please comment, Urgent, Please reply

Can You Download Free Fax Cover Sheets Online?

You can find several free fax cover sheets online on Google Docs, MS Office and Etsy.

How Do You Print a Fax Cover Sheet?

Once you’re ready to fax documents and have finalized a cover sheet, all you need to do is click the download button. Depending on the format you choose for the document, you should be able to save the document locally on your computer. Once done, just hit the print button and get your fax cover sheet instantly.


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