16 İş Mektubu Kapanışı

16 İş Mektubu Kapanışı

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The best way to close a business letter is to strike a careful balance between friendliness and professionalism. The letter should be closed in a way that suggests a more personal touch to the letter but shouldn’t be too formal or informal.

Ideally, you’re looking for a way to close the letter that makes the recipient feel like it’s an authentic message from you, but without feeling too familiar or out-of-place from the rest of the content in the business letter.

To help with closing a business letter, we’ve selected some of the best examples of business letter closings.

16 Best Business Letter Closing Examples

A formal business letter is an important tool in communication, and the closing matters just as much as the content.

We’ll look at some of the best ways to end your letter with professional closings to make a great impression every time.

1. Best

Best is a classic way to close business letters since it is succinct, polite, and feels a bit more personal as a letter ending. It works great for different contexts, so it can be used quite a bit as a proper closing for a letter.

2. Best Regards

To add a more personal touch and extend the letter ending, you can close the letter with ‘Best regards.’ It’s more of a formal closing comparatively and also suggests a more personal connection with the person.

3. Best Wishes

Best Wishes works well when you write a follow-up and want a more formal closing without seeming impersonal. ‘Best wishes’ is more of a polite closing that still has a level of professionalism to it.

4. Hope this Helps

If you’re looking for closing sentences for professional letters, ‘hope this helps’ is a good option. This is a more appropriate option for letter endings when you’ve provided a response that includes a solution of some kind or answered a question the other person may have had.

5. Hope to Talk Soon

If you’re looking for closing phrases that suggest the recipient should follow up, ‘hope to talk soon’ is a good way to end a letter. It subtly suggests that the other person should respond to your message and that you look forward to speaking to them.

6. Kind Regards

If you’re looking for a closing formal in nature, something like ‘Kind regards’ works well. It’s professional and polite but also doesn’t leave an option for a response. If you’d like to be a bit more firm in the email without seeming too closed off, you can use Kind Regards or a variation such as Kindest Regards.

7. Respectfully

Certain closings such as ‘Respectfully’ are best suited for a specific type of business letter such as cover letters. It’s a polite way to end a letter without suggesting too much familiarity with the hiring manager. For a formal letter, closings such as respectfully work well, either in a physical letter or an email.

8. Sincere Thanks

You can use this option if you’ve worked with someone and greatly appreciated the efforts, or someone answered a question or provided a solution. It’s a nice way to close a letter in a professional setting and end the last word of the letter on a good note.

9. Sincerely

‘Sincerely’ is best used as a more neutral greeting that can work across any kind of formal letter, including a cover letter or other types of business and personal letters.

10. Take Care

Another good closing option is ‘Take care,’ but you can’t use it in every setting. This is less formal than some of the other options, so feel free to use it in a more personal letter or when writing to someone you know quite well professionally.

11. Thank You for Your Time

You can use this closing phrase when writing a follow up email of some kind, such as after an interview or call with a client. It shows that you appreciate their schedule and the time they have taken out to talk to you.

12. Warm Regards

For a letter closing that is a little more formal but still feels personal, adding the word ‘warm’ can help. It’s a more expressive way to sign off the letter without seeming like too much for a business letter.

13. Warm Wishes

Similarly, this is another way to end the letter on a less formal note without losing professionalism. It also works well as a way to close holiday greetings, especially on a specific date such as Christmas and New Year.

14. With Thanks

Another way to show appreciation, a sign off like ‘with thanks’ is great in business letters where someone has been a big help or made significant contributions. It shows appreciation and that you’ve given prompt attention to what they’ve accomplished.

15. Yours Faithfully

‘Yours faithfully’ are good words to end on for letters that are more formal in nature. It’s a sign off that is personable yet professional and sounds a bit different from the other greetings, so it’s more unique.

16. Yours Truly

This type of closing is best used for someone you know well, and it’s a complimentary closing that sounds friendlier than some of the others. It can also be a good choice for introductory emails and networking, and client emails.

What is a Business Letter Closing?

Business correspondence is about creating a strong connection with the recipient. A business letter closing is a complimentary closing that you can use to end your business letter on a professional note and signal to the recipient if there are any actions they can take after seeing the message.

Tips for the Perfect Business Letter Closing

To make a good impression, or create a good letter for business, some things must be included. And if you don’t have a lot of experience writing such letters, a business letter template can help you in the beginging. You can then keep improving all aspects of the letter, including the closing. Here are some tips for the perfect business letter closing:

For a printed letter: Include a complimentary closing, contact information, your typed name, and handwritten signature underneath.
For a professional email: Summarize the content with the important points at the end, your typed name, title, phone number, and a complimentary closing.
Proofread: Always scan for grammar mistakes and any glaring errors before sending.
Call to action: If you would like to have the recipient take some kind of action after seeing your message, including a CTA that works as a closing (such as ‘hope to talk soon’), sends a subtle message to reach out.

Tip for Perfect Business Letter ClosingPrinted LetterProfessional Email

ComponentsComplimentary closing, contact information, typed name, handwritten signatureSummary of content, typed name, title, phone number, complimentary closing

FormattingComplimentary closing and contact info at the end, typed name belowSummary of content, typed name, title, phone number, closing

ProofreadingEssential to scan for grammar mistakes and errors before sendingImportant to check for grammar and clarity before sending

Call to ActionConsider adding a subtle CTA for recipient to take actionCTA can be included to prompt recipient to respond or take action

ImportanceCreates a professional impression and adds a personal touchSummarizes key points and provides contact details

Business Letter Closings to Avoid

Some closings should be avoided in a professional context as they may seem too familiar and could ring as unprofessional. To avoid that, here are some business letter closings to avoid:

Not including a closing at all
Thx/Regards/other chat speak
Love/Lots of love
Sent from my iPhone


In conclusion, the closing of a business letter plays a crucial role in leaving a lasting impression on the recipient. It should strike a balance between professionalism and friendliness, making the letter feel authentic and respectful. By following the tips provided and using appropriate business letter closings, you can enhance your communication and build stronger relationships with your recipients. Remember to proofread your letter before sending to ensure it is error-free and conveys your message effectively. Choose from the examples of business letter closings to find the one that best suits your communication style and the context of your letter. Avoid using unprofessional closings and chat speak to maintain a level of formality in your business correspondence. A well-crafted business letter closing can leave a positive impression and reinforce your professionalism in the eyes of the recipient.

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