Zoho, Küçük İşletme Kullanıcı Deneyimini Geliştirmek için ChatGPT'yi Entegre Eder

Zoho, Küçük İşletme Kullanıcı Deneyimini Geliştirmek için ChatGPT'yi Entegre Eder

Zoho, Küçük İşletme Kullanıcı Deneyimini Geliştirmek için ChatGPT'yi Entegre Eder 150 150

Zoho has announced a major investment in AI technology by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Zia, Zoho’s powerful AI engine. This move aims to greatly improve customer experience, add significant value, and better protect user privacy for small business owners while upholding Zoho’s core tenets of customer experience, privacy, and value.

Zoho is launching 13 generative AI extensions and integrations powered by ChatGPT, which will enhance various Zoho applications, including CRM, Analytics, Desk, Writer, Mail, Cliq, Social, Assist, LandingPage, SalesIQ, Notebook, DataPrep, and Meeting. These new generative AI integrations are expected to provide users with a more intuitive, efficient, and secure experience while upholding Zoho’s core tenets of customer experience, privacy, and value.

According to Ramprakash Ramamoorthy, Head of Labs and AI Research for Zoho, the fusion of ChatGPT’s generative AI with Zia will enable users to experience “context, intelligence, and efficiency” in a secure environment. This move reflects Zoho’s commitment to innovation and its R&D-first culture, allowing small business owners to stay ahead of the curve.

“The fusion of ChatGPT’s generative AI with our homegrown AI features will provide users with a more intuitive, efficient, and secure experience, reflecting Zoho’s deep R&D-first culture,” Ramamoorthy says. “As a technology partner, Zoho’s customers continue to rely on us for keeping them ahead of the curve while retaining core tenets like privacy and value, which they have come to respect. We will continue to deliver on this promise without compromise.”

The integration of ChatGPT into Zoho’s applications aims to enhance various aspects of small businesses’ daily operations, such as:

Zoho CRM with Generative AI:

Extracting and summarizing key information from customer records
Offering predictive analysis on deals in progress
Creating personalized emails and custom templates from scratch
Checking content for grammatical errors

Zoho Analytics with Generative AI:

Receiving suggestions and importing public datasets into Zoho Analytics
Blending public data with business data to gather insights
Defining formulas for KPI metrics
Creating SQL queries from natural language questions
Creating a set of synonyms for table column names

Zoho Desk with Generative AI:

Automatically summarizing incoming and outgoing tickets
Analyzing the mood of the customer based on the tone of the request
Generating automatic replies from knowledge base articles
Tracking down publicly available information for solutions when the knowledge base is insufficient

Zoho Writer with Generative AI:

Suggesting headlines, titles, and better word replacements
Fixing punctuation and shortening content when necessary
Asking questions within Writer and integrating answers into the document

Zoho Mail with Generative AI:

Creating emails from scratch
Responding to incoming emails
Generating multiple versions and changing the tone of emails
Producing email summaries
Highlighting action items from emails

Zoho Cliq with Generative AI:

Maintaining anytime access to ChatGPT from within messages
Paraphrasing incoming messages for faster responses and analysis
Transforming message threads into shareable outlines
Shortening or summarizing responses to clarify communication

Zoho Social with Generative AI:

Aiding in producing diverse and engaging content for posts from trending topics
Iterating on the style of posts to identify the best way to present information
Suggesting relevant supporting content and images to be sourced from media libraries or uniquely generated
Optimizing existing posts by adding hashtags, removing superfluous words, and implementing SEO best practices

Zoho Assist with Generative AI:

Generating shareable summaries from sessions, events, chats, and audio calls, including accompanying statistics
Enhancing customer service with automatic chat suggestions for technicians and representatives
Modifying existing text by rephrasing, translating, or reformatting

Zoho LandingPage with Generative AI:

Generating alternative content for landing pages
Providing suggestions for text type, tone, and character limit
Creating multiple versions of a single landing page for easier A/B testing

Zoho SalesIQ with Generative AI:

Transcribing and summarizing conversations
Automatically tagging transcripts to enhance searchability and shareability
Enabling message review and integrating ChatGPT Block in Zobot

Zoho Notebook with Generative AI:

Illustrating custom images based on any suggestion for Notebook covers
Organizing notes via automatic tagging and summarizing, or turning them into checklists
Offering grammar, spelling, and word choice suggestions alongside Zoho Blue Pencil to enhance writing on-the-fly

Zoho DataPrep with Generative AI:

Finding external datasets
Transforming data by example
Suggesting formulas for data preparation

Zoho Meeting with Generative AI:

Indexing session transcripts
Generating and downloading effective keynotes for presentations

These AI-powered extensions and integrations are available within their respective Zoho products, built to work in tandem with Zia. Customers can enable generative AI capabilities using their existing OpenAI account API key and will be billed directly by OpenAI based on the number of APIs used.

Zoho’s AI strategy focuses on 3 core tenets:

Customer Experience: Zoho’s AI solutions deliver the context, intelligence, and efficiency necessary to produce exemplary experience. Zia is woven into the fabric of each step, be it enhancing customer records, producing documents, providing insights into processes, or proactively forecasting and preparing for user issues that might arise.
Customer Privacy: Zoho builds its AI in-house, resulting in optimal privacy protection that effortlessly unifies with users’ greater technology ecosystems. Tools powered by Zoho’s AI extensions deliver intelligence without compromising customer data or sending information to an unverified third party.
Customer Value: Zoho delivers multifaceted value in the form of customer productivity, ease of use, cost, relevant KPIs, and making AI widely available to a broad set of people. Any piece of technology that saves customers time will become a priority for Zoho, and AI is no exception.

As part of its AI roadmap and vision, Zoho plans to continue facilitating Zia’s integration with third-party intelligence, such as ChatGPT, bringing the newest technology into the company’s broad portfolio of business solutions. In the long term, Zoho intends to take generative AI technology in-house, ensuring its 90 million global users benefit from intelligent experiences as well as Zoho’s leading value and privacy standards. Zoho is also developing proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) capable of conversing, summarizing, paraphrasing, and adapting to new tasks with zero-shot learning techniques, empowering seamless AI-driven communication and knowledge discovery like never before.

This integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Zoho’s applications demonstrates the company’s commitment to keeping small business owners at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling them to enhance their daily operations and stay ahead of the competition.

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