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A zoning map shows the acceptable uses for property in a city or other area. Zoning information on these maps usually tells which areas are zoned for residential and/or commercial use.


These are an important part of urban planning. Cities, municipalities, and other types of government divide the property up into land-use zones. A city using this type of ordinance can have several zoning districts like commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial.

Zoning maps need to show clear boundaries. Read on to find out more about this subject. And remember that Google Translate can help you with the right language. There are 108 different ones to choose from with the Google Translate app.

Who Uses a Zoning Map?

Zoning information that you can find in these maps is used by municipalities. This is how they set their general policies for land use and how these rules serve the way a city or other area gets developed and divided up.

A business looking to set up a shop might need to look at a map and check out the zoning regulations. They might need to apply for rezoning. Even homeowners should check zoning maps before they renovate. There are zoning bylaws that can affect your property in a city.

Why Do You Need a Zoning Map?

These show the different land-use zones, districts, and/or overlays. One of the big reasons these maps are created is to show the regulations for development in each of the zones.

It’s possible to get a minor variance if your proposed changes don’t conform to zoning bylaws. The right map can tell you more about land use and the current zoning. It can be the first stage in planning a new business build or custom house.

What Does a Zoning Map Tell You?

Remember there’s no federal agency that controls zoning. You might own your own property but you still need to abide by the planning laws for your city.

One of these maps can tell residents how building land can be used, and where they can be located. A reference map can also dictate the height and size of buildings and other structures. Parking requirements, landscape requirements as well as lot dimensions and sizes can be included in the reference material.

Where Can You Find Zoning Maps?

If you want to navigate through the land use for a property you’ll need to find the right zoning. Looking for zoning in a bigger city? Be aware the process began with the ordinances started in Los Angeles in 1904.

If you’re looking for a place on the web, MapLink is an interactive online map. This planning tool has a menu to follow. It’s a good tool if you want to know where you can open a business. Or if you’re wondering what you can do in a city with your property. You might need translation services if you’re looking offshore.

National Zoning Atlas is another resource on the web. There are a variety of links on the menu and different landing pages. The site is all about digitizing the 30,000 US zoning codes and supplying links on the Internet. Don’t forget the Google translate app works with images. It’s been developed so users can translate the text. Translations can be helpful if you’re looking at zoning in unfamiliar areas.

Common Zoning Categories

Good planning for businesses includes understanding how to use the property they own in a city. Finding a zoning map on a good site is the beginning. But entrepreneurs and map users should also know about the common categories for each city.

Residential Zoning

This is commonly found on different city maps. Residential zones can include condominiums, co-ops, duplexes, apartments, and even trailer parks. The major designation is single-family residences.

Commercial Zoning

This has several categories. In a city, this zoning can serve shopping centers, nightclubs, and hotels as well as office buildings and shopping centers. Even a vacant apartment building that has the potential for development can be considered commercial.

Agricultural Zoning

This type of zoning covers a city or other area that intends to protect farmland. Part of the planning involved is designed to limit suburban sprawl. The type of structures that can be built is limited.

Industrial Zoning

Industrial zoning can include noise concerns and environmental factors to determine how the planning for the area unfolds. Factors like building heights and floor area ratios are important to map users.

What Does Zoning in Retail Mean?

Zoning ordinances include retail properties. In fact, the term retail property is an ordinance itself. It describes a property that is used as a retail enterprise or space. Companies can operate businesses and sell goods and services in zones that are retail locations.

Do You Need a Zoning Permit for a Home-based Business?

Residents who want to start a home-based business should check with the city where they live. Planning a successful home-based business depends on the type. Local zoning laws might prohibit things like fixing cars out of a home garage.

If you’re planning on putting a sign outside your property, you’ll need to check the local ordinances. Make sure to check with your city. Some have rules for environmental safety and delivery standards.

Can You Open a Business in an Industrial Zone?

Yes, you can. However industrial zoning is quite often used for packaging and manufacturing type businesses. Industrial-zoned areas in any city usually have storage facilities and even airports. Start the process by looking on the web for a map.

How Do You Locate a Zoning Map by Address?

Navigate the web to your city and look for interactive zoning research tools. You should be able to click on a zoning area from there. You can find a local map on the google platform and even get a translation if necessary.

A quick search will provide links to several different choices. Look for an interactive map where you can add an address to start your planning. Here’s a link to a National Zoning Atlas that can start you in the right direction. You could need some translation options. Use Google.

How Do You Find Your Local Zoning Regulations?

The first step is to locate your property either on city zoning maps or by going to your local municipality. Finding links to an interactive map on the city site is fast.

Once you find a zoning area you can click on the links that can take you to a specific bylaw section. You might need to contact the city planning department if your property isn’t listed.


What is Zoning?

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