Are you looking for a professional social media manager?

I will optimize, manage and grow your Social Media Presence! 


I am dedicated to providing the best services and delivering exceptional results to my clients. I have successfully managed pages across a diverse range of industries such as Health & Fitness, Travel, NFT & Crypto, Fashion And Beauty, E-commerce & Retailing, Food & Beverage, Affiliate Marketing, Pet Products, and more.



  1. BIO Setup and Page Optimization
  2. Content Creation & Graphic Design
  3. Paid Stock Images and Visual Content for Posts
  4. High-Quality Branded Posts with your Logo & Website Link
  5. Hashtag Research & SEO Indexing
  6. Stories and Highlights (Gig extra)
  7. Cover Photos and Banners
  8. Scheduling/Posting
  9. Ongoing Support


  • instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter(X)
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • İş Parçacığı
  • TikTok (Gig extra)
  • YouTube (Gig extra for Shorts)

Posting Schedule: Monday through Friday

Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact me today to learn how I can help.

Basic Package.
These are the steps we’ll follow to complete your project.

  • Preparations

    I’ll do all preparations needed to start this project.

    • Onboarding brief:We’ll meet to complete your campaign brief: Goals, budget, business info, and more.
    • Gereksinimler:We’ll make sure I have everything needed to complete your project.
    • Research:I’ll do research based on your needs.
  • Profile setup

    I’ll set up your social media profiles and create all relevant assets: Cover image, profile image, etc.

    • Content creation:I’ll create content based on your goals and plan.
    • Keyword & hashtag research:I’ll research and create a list of keywords and/or hashtags relevant to your niche.
    • Access:You’ll provide access to all relevant social media platforms.
  • Post scheduling/publishing

    I’ll schedule and publish your social media content according to your plan.

    • Management & optimization:I’ll manage your social media platforms.
    • Organic growth:I’ll grow your following organically using growth-hacking methods.
    • Delivery:I’ll send you the final delivery for review and feedback.

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